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Maruili Bakery is a Finnish-Taiwanese company that is an authentically Nordic brand based on three simple principles: Nordic Diets, Nordic Way of Happy Living and Sustainable Bakery business. The redefined Nordic brand will contribute to customers' better wellbeing. Today Maruili is proudly ‘a Bite of Pure Nordic Living'.

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Maruili’s own speciality is fresh baked, true oat bread, containing more than 50% of whole grain oats. Maruili believes: “The best diets are more about wellbeing, healthy values and wise lifestyle choices than about particular foods. Healthy and Happiness are a Way of Life.”

Oats, sustainable food and a healthy life-style are sustainable world-wide trends, and also growing trends in Asia, where current oat-based products are still quite traditional. However, company’s unique oat bread baking technology allows to bake real oat breads in a new way, which could be applied to traditional Taiwanese breads, steamed buns and dumplings, too.